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Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Derrick Hodge’s 3rd album Color of Noize reflects a melting pot of influence and experience with jazz flow, hip-hop groove, soulful depth, spiritual heft, and creative fire. Co-produced by Hodge and Don Was, it’s his 1st album to use a live band throughout with Jahari Stampley and Michael Aaberg on keys, Mike Mitchell and Justin Tyson on drums, DJ Jahi Sundance on turntables, and Hodge supplying bass, keys, guitar, and voice.

Footage from Derrick's duo concert with multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Alan Hampton is now available via YouTube. Hodge and Hampton have been constant collaborators in the past playing duo concerts throughout venues in United States. The six-minute clip features Hampton and Hodge performing "Won't," a cut from the former's latest LP, Origami for the Fire, which was released last year.

In commemoration of 2014's One Mic Festival at Kennedy Center where celebrations of Nas' Illmatic were held, Derrick is releasing rough audios of the arrangements he tailored for the National Symphony Orchestra. Revive-Music premiered "The World Is Yours" last week and we are proud to announce the release of Derrick's roughs for "One Love" and "Represent." Scroll down to listen.

Listen to Derrick Hodge's orchestral arrangement for Nas' classic, "The World Is Yours," off of the emcee's seminal debut recording, Illmatic. It's been almost a year since Derrick took to the Kennedy Center alongside the National Symphony Orchestra to celebrate 20 years of Illmatic. Scroll down and listen as Derrick provides a masterclass in blending the world of hip-hop with traditional arranging techniques.

DHodge was recently mentioned on a Temple University newsletter highlighting previous David M. Katz Scholarship recipients. The David M. Katz Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 given to students at Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University to support students. Over a hundred scholarships have been granted to talented and promising students. Derrick shared his gratitude to Temple University and the people who bestowed him the scholarship with this statement: The David M. Katz scholarship was awarded to me at