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Derrick Hodge

Derrick Hodge’s European Tour

Derrick is set to hit Europe from Friday, July 4th to the following week on July 11th showcasing the music of his Blue Note debut LP, Live Today. Backing DHodge in his first European tour as a leader are Michael Aaberg (keys), Federico Pena (keys), and Mike Mitchell (drums). Head over to Derrick’s Tour Page for ticket information and all the latest news on his upcoming shows.

Tour List:

July 4, 2014 – Istanbul Jazz Festival – Istanbul, Turkey

July 5, 2014 – Love Supreme Festival – Brighton, UK

July 6, 2014 – Les Duc des Lombards – Paris, FR

July 8, 2014 – Jazz Cafe – London, UK

July 11, 2014 – North Sea Jazz Festival – Rotterdamn, NL