Here are two great reviews from The Washington Post and The New York Times. Click the links for the whole review.


“Yet, as sparkly as Hodge’s resume might be, “Live Today” still packs an unexpected amount of poise. As a composer, he surrounds his bass lines with a vast vocabulary of tactile sounds – pianos glimmer like metal flakes and percussion clatters like a magical silverware drawer.” – Chris Richards, Washington Post


“The first word in the title of “Live Today,” Derrick Hodge’s adroitly designed debut album, is intended as a verb, which makes the phrase an imperative. This becomes obvious on the title track, thanks to some beatific free association from the rapper Common — but it’s also clear enough in context. Mr. Hodge, a bassist with roots in gospel, jazz and R&B, comes bearing earnest intentions and a glow of transparent optimism.” – Nate Chinen, New York Times